Giving hope, where there is none

MING is a dynamic and well-positioned company carrying out research activities in a diversified array potentially using stem cell and stem cell derivatives therapies for treatment.

Conventional Medicine today do not have much to offer to the aging society/population. Degenerative and age-related conditions and genetic mutations that result in cancers, require solutions that enhance the body's ability to repair and defend itself. MING's anti-aging therapy, is a non-invasive approach, that focuses on regenerating aging and damaged tissues that have been ravaged by time.

REGENERATIVE MEDICINE has already demonstrated that aging can be halted and reversed in diseases like Parkinson. MING and its research partners, have the common vision and commitment, to make significant and positive contribution in providing this new hope, that is affordable by everyone.

MING and its research partners focus on the development of stem cell and stem cell derivatives treatment for age related diseases, diabetic complications (including Human Corneas for Transplantation and Beta Cells for Diabetics), heart diseases and autoimmune diseases that, today are considered untreatable using Non-Invasive Treatment (where surgery is currently the standard protocol).

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